From Not Even Water to MuslimClo: A New Chapter in Faith-Inspired Fashion

From the outset, our brand has been on a unique journey, evolving to meet the needs and reflect the experiences of our community. The transformation from Not Even Water to MuslimClo marks a significant milestone in this journey, signifying not just a change in name but a refined focus on providing Muslims around the globe with apparel that truly resonates with their beliefs and experiences. Our rebranding is a reflection of our commitment to create clothing that speaks to the heart of our customers’ faith and lifestyle, making it easier for them to express their identity in their everyday life.

A Fresh Start with MuslimClo

MuslimClo emerges from a desire to better align with the values and daily realities of Muslims worldwide. Recognizing that our previous brand, Not Even Water, held a unique place but perhaps missed the mark in broadly resonating with our Muslim customer base, we saw an opportunity for growth. Our new name and direction are about offering more than just fashion; it’s about creating a connection through apparel that is deeply embedded in the Muslim experience.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

We’ve taken significant strides in improving our online presence to make shopping with MuslimClo a seamless and enjoyable experience. Our website’s performance has been significantly enhanced, with faster loading times ensuring that you spend less time waiting and more time exploring our collections. With the addition of intuitive filtering and sorting options, finding the perfect outfit that aligns with your values and style has never been easier.

Thoughtfully Designed Collections

At MuslimClo, our collections are thoughtfully curated to reflect the diverse tapestry of the Muslim community. Moving away from niche designs, our focus is now squarely on creating versatile, stylish, and culturally resonant pieces. Our aim is to provide apparel that Muslims can wear with pride, reflecting their beliefs and experiences, and which can also serve as a conversation starter about their faith with people in their everyday lives.

Commitment to Our Values

Our rebranding does not change our foundational commitments. MuslimClo remains dedicated to accessible pricing, size inclusion, giving back to activist and humanitarian organizations, and ensuring sustainability awareness in our supply chain. These commitments are the bedrock of our brand, reflecting our dedication to not just our customers, but to the broader community and the planet, and by essence, to God Almighty.

Let’s Connect

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we’re eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Your insights are invaluable to us as we continue to grow and evolve. Should you have any questions, pending coupons, or wish to share your experiences with our new brand, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

Forward with Faith and Fashion

MuslimClo stands at the forefront of faith-inspired fashion, offering apparel that deeply connects with the beliefs and experiences of Muslims across the world. Our journey from Not Even Water to MuslimClo is more than a name change—it’s a commitment to providing our community with fashion that celebrates their faith and supports them in sharing their story with the world.

We invite you to explore MuslimClo and discover fashion that resonates with your identity and values. Together, let’s dress with faith, style, and purpose.

Welcome to MuslimClo – where every piece is a reflection of faith, fashion, and the shared experiences of Muslims around the world.

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